Tuesday, 21 May 2019

More Maths Open Day photos

 We compared Dinosaurs for their shape and size.

 We made Fruit Kebabs by threading fruit in a repeating pattern.

 Block play strengthens cognitive development; children's minds are processing concepts of gravity and balance long before they learn these terms.  
Maureen made us some of her delicious cake! and served us tea/coffee, milk or water.  

Maths Open Afternoon

On Saturday the 18th May we held a Maths Open Day for Parents/Carers to come and learn through play.  Children need lots of physical experiences that embody what maths is all about.  The only way to understand the concept of weight, for example, is to repeatedly lift, move and carry a range of heavy and light objects.  Being outside enables connections to be made between the hands, heart and head, laying the foundations for more complex work as children grow, develop and learn.  The natural and built worlds provide dynamic and constantly changing environments, offering an endless supply of patterns, textures, colours, quantities and other attributes that underpin much of the necessary early maths experiences.  Our next Open Workshop will be for 'Literacy' - Watch this space!

After School Club

Monday, 13 May 2019

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Fire Station Visit - 25th April

On the 25th April we visited Nayland fire station. The children had lots of fun learning about how the station works and had a chance to use the hose to get 'Fred' wet, sit in the fire engine and try on a helmet, which was really heavy! We even saw a big red elephant!! We would like to thank Nayland fire station for this opportunity.