Friday, 18 December 2009

New website!

Welcome to our new, interactive website! As you can see Woodland Corner's on-line presence is now in Blog format, which has many advantages.

You can select "Follow" (top left) to follow this Blog or to automatically receive emails every time the site is updated add your email address to the widget at the bottom on the right. This will ensure you keep up to date of all developments regarding Playgroup, Extended Schools, Breakfast Club etc.

You can also select the RSS feed as with any other site, (below the email option) if preferred.

The "Navigation" section on the right, is where you can access other parts of the site, older posts and our new Calendar. The Calendar can also be subscribed to to ensure you don't miss any important events and can plan ahead easily around term dates for Playgroup.

Lower down on the right is a "Link" section, where externally held information is linked to. All Woodland Corner's Policy Documents will be linked there soon, and there is also useful information for parents on Tax Credits, our Ofsted report and the school site.

This is a new project so please bear with us and subscribe or keep checking back for new information! Any suggestions/problems please E-mail the webmaster.